Dearly Departed


11pm. Group is tasked to seek out Prince Penzl and deliver a package from Lodin. They’re told Elysium is at the Empress Theatre. They find the Empress Theatre empty and not in use.

Cassie causes Candace, the prince’s ghoul to kill herself. Upon searching Candace’s wallet, the group finds a slip of paper with a note from VP, listing the new elysium venue.

The group finds the new Elysium and all the Camarilla of Milwaukee dead. And a group of Sabbat in the middle of eating the members of the Cam.

A brief fight ensues, with Cassie diablerizing one of the Lasombra, 3 Black Spiral Dancers show up and escort the last alert member of the Sabbat to safety.

The group heads back to Chicago at the bidding of the Prince. They report in and are told to meet with the Prince’s agent tomorrow night at the Succubus club.

Upon arriving outside the club, the group is met by a beggar asking for money, as Cassie is handing the old man some money, he drops it and runs away screaming about demons in the city.

Once inside the club, the group sits in a table against the far corner of the wall. A waitress comes by and delivers envelopes and drinks to everyone present, as she leaves, she accidentally drops a glass of liquid all over Cassie.

The waitress comes back and Identifies herself as the Prince’s agent and tells the group they need volunteers to infiltrate the anarchs, and report back to the prince. The party agrees and the waitress leaves.

A few minutes later there is loud scream and one of the cities’ Nosferatu has had they’re obfuscate broken, upon witnessing the sight a girl faints and there is mass panic. Cassie “helps” the fallen girl and calls 911.

Ashton gets a call from the Prince saying their cover has been blown and he needs them to meet at his manse right away.

Ellie finds a back room and over hears the Nosfertatu, Elizabeta, being berated by what sounds like the waitress. Then hears the waitress say “When I rule this city, that would never be allowed”

The group get back together and head to the Prince’s manse, where they are given the name of 3 contacts. Tyler, Maureeen O’Leary, and Inyanga and are told to find reinforcements for the coming war on Chicago. There is a knock on the door, and the Prince brings in and introduces his “dearest love” Marie. Marie is also the waitress.

The group call Inyanga and Tyler and they agree to help search. They then head to the Rehabilitation Center that Maureen calls home.

They meet with Maureen, and are introduced to “Son” who seems to be a polite fellow, until he starts pulling the legs off a spider. Son and Maureen agree that they will contact people who could be good for the cause. And the group heads out for the night.



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