Dearly Departed

The Coming War

While feeding, Ashton is handed a note by a dominated mortal asking him to bring “food” to the cathedral. The group decided to use Cassie as bait and heads up to the haven. The occupant is an individual named Kirkland, a Malkavian Anarch who is in dire need of blood and willing to exchange secrets for it. The group calls, the Sheriff, Capone, who directs them to the Succubus club for the meeting.

At the club, Cassie has a drink poured on her and hears a group of people laughing at her. She challenges them only to find they were laughing at an Aflac commercial.

The group tells the Sheriff about the Anarach and they’re assured that it will be looked into.

After the meeting Cassie gets a call from a former investor and asks for his help. His career is in shambles and he is ready to go murder his rival, she meets him and sets up a hotel for him to stay at.

Shortly there after the group gets a call about an emergency Elysium, once there it is revealed that the church that the Anarch was hiding in had been burned to the ground. The Prince rejoices over the fall of the last anarch in Chicago.

After the Elysium the gang is almost mowed down by an oncoming car, as the car passes they hear a laugh trailing behind and find the Sheriff dead. By the dawn most of the clan Primogens are dead, minus Inyaga.

Cassie comes home to find her house ransacked and one of her retainers dead.

Ellie finds a safe house with her Nosferatu friend, Luther.

The next night the group meets to recount their losses. 47 Kindred have been killed and 9 remain in the city. After trying to make sense of it all another auto dialer goes out to the remaining Kindred of the city.

Chicago has fallen.



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